Me and Dad 102414

I went out to see dad on Friday, October 24 and he really looked and sounded great. For those of you who don't know, dad has been making this groaning, grunting sounds. On this visit, there were no sounds like these and he was talking and was very coherent. He really looked sad when I told him I couldn't bring him home with me and I felt so terrible. He doesn't understand that on his good days, it would be easy to take care of him (with two people helping him up), but on his bad days, he needs more attention and more help from people who are much more capable of doing that than I am.


I called today to check on him, only to find out that he has begun the growling and grunting sounds again, would not eat his dinner nor take his medicine. Please continue to pray for him. We have put him in hospice at the unit so that they can keep him comfortable.