What Easter is all About

cross_11589I know all of the Christian community knows why we celebrate Easter. We celebrate it because of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ giving us hope of our resurrection when we pass away. A lot of people say that the Easter bunny and Easter eggs should not be a part of the celebration of this holiday. I hunted Easter eggs when I was growing up. The only reason that I didn’t like them as I got older was because some of the eggs that were hidden in the spring had a very putrid aroma when hit with the lawn mower of an unsuspecting person doing yard work.

It never has been a problem for me when churches or other organizations to have hunts. Obviously in church the children and adults are being taught the true meaning of Easter. If not, shame on that church, because according to the letter to the church at Corinth, Paul said that if Christ is not risen, then EVERYTHING we’ve done for God is in vain. Sports Illustrated came out with a story back in the early 2000s saying that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the greatest comeback of all times. This final thought: remember, the stone wasn’t rolled back to let Jesus out—it was rolled back to let everyone else in.

Have fun with the eggs. We’re going to dye our’s with Koolaid this year. No vinegary smell, but yet still dyes the egg. Teach your children about the resurrection and why it was so important, more important than Christ’s birth and death.